Lost In Tokyo- 2018 Travel Highlights

We recently took a trip to Tokyo to wind down, seek inspiration for some street photography, admiring the environments, architectures, the communities, the people, and obviously the food! We also stopped by Taiwan as well so check back later for our latest shots. 

A Summer Desert Road Trip

Our recent visit to Josuha Tree, CA and Grand Canyon, AZ was an eye-opener, from stargazing under the night sky at Joshua Tree to the vast land and two billion year history of the Grand Canyon.

Why I Love Taiwan [Part 2]

Amazing scenic views. Cheap eats. Robot cafes?!?! What's not to love? Taiwan's got it all! 

One of the most memorable experience I had while traveling in Taiwan are the people and the communities. Despite the level of English proficiency in Taiwan, the people there are super nice, willing to try talking to you regardless. One day I hopped on a bus to meet a friend at a museum in Taichung and I believe I was lost. I tried asking the bus driver if the bus line would reach the museum, while the driver scratches his head not knowing how to respond. He does realize I am lost and know where I'm pointing to. He IMMEDIATELY grabs the communicator and ask EVERYONE on the bus whether they know if his bus line went to the museum (or at least I think that's what he said).  I turned my head back, people started looking at me, then dozens of riders told me to wait a minute and they all started to check their phones and looking up the info for me.  I felt amazed at how nice and generous a lot of these people even though they know I am a tourist who do not speak mandarin they tried their best to direct me in Mandarin hoping that I would understand. Believe me, if you're on a Muni in San Francisco, you're just gonna get the snake-eye batsh*t crazy looks from riders and simply be ignored (for the most part). That's why I love Taiwan, the food, the people, the community, it's quite an adventure. I will return very soon Taiwan and hopefully by then I can grab a drink with their first Madam President! Cheers! 

Why I Love Taiwan [Part 1]

Taiwan is full of hidden gems.   Great food, rich culture, nice people.  I can't get enough of Taiwan!

Learning Cantonese & Eat More Pineapple Bun - The Hong Kong Adventures

Hong Kong is indeed a city to visit once in a lifetime. The vibe in Hong Kong are a mix of traditional and new cultures.  You have the awesome eateries in Mong Kok (get the roast duck and pineapple bun), great shopping deals in Shum Shui Po, bars and nightlife in Hong Kong Island.  This city has it all! I hope to return to Hong Kong someday. 

Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa - Singapore Adventures

Last month we got a chance to visit Singapore's very first cat cafe @ Cat Cafe Neko No Niwa and it was a fun experience chilling with these cool cats. 

Girl & The City Life

Strolling around the city and gazing across the evening glow, I was inspired by my friend and bay area artist, Hsin-Yao Tseng from his latest art exhibition, "Disconnect". His recent paintings offers moments reflection on our current lifestyle and the ever persistent changes technology imposes on our living routines. While technology is the nature of our era, it is still important to make time to disconnect and enjoy the natural beauty of our surroundings.  Check out his latest work at Hsin-Yao ART.